Unlocking Your Legacy

A Journey Through Elder Law and Estate Planning

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Wednesday, July 24th at 10 AM – SEATS AVAILABLE
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Tuesday, August 20th at 2 PM – SEATS AVAILABLE
(@ Lineage Legal – 501 Nathan Lane, Suite 4 Elkhorn WI 53121)

Why Attend Our Free Educational Workshops?

Knowledge is Power

Empower yourself with invaluable insights into the intricacies of Elder Law and Estate Planning. Our workshops are crafted to demystify the legal landscape, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the tools and strategies available to secure your legacy.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Situation

No two estates are alike. Our workshops delve into personalized planning strategies, ensuring that you receive information tailored to your individual circumstances. From asset protection to healthcare directives, we cover the essential components necessary for a robust and customized estate plan.

Lineage Legal Elder Law Workshops

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

Led by our seasoned team of Elder Law and Estate Planning professionals, our workshops provide you with direct access to the expertise you need. Get your questions answered, gain clarity on legal nuances, and make informed decisions about your future.

Exclusive Offer for Workshop Attendees:

Complimentary Consultation:  Attend our workshop and take advantage of a complimentary consultation with our experienced Elder Law and Estate Planning professionals. Gain personalized insights into your unique situation and start building a plan tailored to your needs.

Workshop Highlights

  • Estate Planning Essentials:  Learn the fundamental elements of a comprehensive estate plan, including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.
  • Asset Protection Strategies: Explore strategies to safeguard your hard-earned assets from potential risks and creditors.
  • Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning: Navigate the complexities of Medicaid, ensuring you’re equipped to handle potential long-term care needs without jeopardizing your assets.
  • Probate and Estate Administration: Understand the probate process and how to streamline estate administration, minimizing stress for your loved ones.

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Whether it’s a community event, seminar, or professional gathering, Lineage Legal is available to share insights and expertise on Elder Law, Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning, Long Term Care Planning, etc.. Request Lineage Legal to be a guest speaker at your event and provide your audience with valuable knowledge that can shape their financial and legal futures.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to secure your legacy. Sign up for our free workshop today and take the first step towards a future of peace, protection, and prosperity.

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